Help and advice needed......

......after ages debating whether to bother or not, the missus and I have decided to buy a Wii. We figure it'll be fun (although she is very competitive) and it may help us to start to get motivated to get fit.

So I'm going to buy the Wii console with Wii Sports included, with one controller. But what other accessories should I buy (nun-chucks, charger, memory card, etc. etc.)? Also, which games (if there are any)would be suitable for a 3 year old to play with us, and where the best place is to buy all these at a good price.

Can anybody offer help or advice please? I know if anybody can, it'll be HUKDers (you friendly, helpful bunch!!!!)


Wii sports is good

To play against each other get another remote (maybe get wii play for the younger one) plus nun-chuck

I like mario & sonic olympics
mario galaxy is good
excite trucks for the older members

Get yourself Wii Play - you get an extra controller with that! Alos buy yourself another Nunchuck...thats 2 sets of controllers so 2 people can play.

If you wanted a third set and short of cash, if you have a catalogue account, buy from there. There pretty much the same price as shops!

As in games...Hmmm......Wii Sports & Wii play would be good for 3 yr old....others Im not too sure on!


mario party 8 is quite fun especially with more than 1 playing, carnival is easy and a good laugh.

Wii sports and wii play are ok in small doses.

Consider "Cars" for the younger one, they may be familier with the characters and the control scheme is simple and forgiveable.
You may wish to consider rechargeable batteries for the wiimotes, or a charging station.
I'd second "Excite Trucks", and "Mario Galaxy", Mario and Sonic at the Olympics isn't to bad.

If you want to play two player games you'll need another remote, most people buy wii play as you get a few mini games plus a remote, the price for this is about £30 - £35. On some games if you want to play two player you'll need another nunchuck - these cost about £15. On wii sports you can play all of the games two player with just another remote except boxing (for this you will need another remote and nunchuck).
You don't really need the charger, the remotes use 2 x aa batteries, but if like us you play a lot it might be worth getting one, my son used to go through loads of batteries. I got one from choices for £10, but I don't know whether they are still that price!
I wouldn't bother with the memory card, we have saved loads of games on the console and downloaded about six other games and we don't have a problem.
I always do a price comparison search before I buy anything as this can save you £££££££s, I use discexchange and find-games.
Mario galaxy is superb, you can play this with two players, the second player just helps you to collect stars, so this should be easy for your three year old. They'll probably like wii sports as well. Mario kart is out in April, this should be fantastic, (get your pre-order in now). Probably something like monster trucks would be good for a three year old as it is quite straightforward, whatever you do don't get sonic - it is really hard!!! If you have any other questions just ask!!!

HMV are doing the 2 games for £30 deal at the moment......

Original Poster

thanks guys (and gals - cos it's difficult to tell sometimes)

What would be your recommended set-up? Wii, 2 controllers, 2 nunchucks......etc

2 remotes & nunchucks is a def to play your missus.
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