Help and Advice - RE Bathroom/Shower room Perspex

    Hi All

    I am after the frosted sheets you can have on the walls in bathrooms/showers etc.

    These are the full length sheets - but i do not have a clue what they are call or where to look.

    Please be gentle with me



    B & Q and homebase both do them...bathroom department

    We have them in our bathroom, Were in there when we moved in and to be honest its a nightmare!

    Well for us it is as if we wanted to get a power shower installed we would have to rip a whole one off and not sure if it would break and so on. Looks good as we can fully clean the whole of the room with a spray which you couldnt with wallpaper.
    Sorry not much help lol

    Found this link for you :thumbsup:


    Original Poster

    Thanks Guys - we are having out ensuite re done and a new shower is being installed - hence "the boss" asking if we could not have tiles and have this stuff.

    I have no idea where to get them from and what they are called.

    Appreciate the link and comments thus far.

    try respertex, its waterproof panels for bathrooms,…ts/
    never used this company, but gives you an idea.
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