Help and Advise Choosing External DVD READER/RE-WRITER

Found 5th Jan 2009
Would appreciate if anyone could comment on these three I have found or suggest alternative decent model, ideally no more than £55. Would like it to read/write all formats and ideally with lightscribe, compatibility with Mac would be a bonus as well (dont know if the models I have found are), although main use is for my lovely samsung nc10.

1. LiteOn 8 x Slim Ext USB2 DVDRW+ Lightscribe White (cheapest so far approx.£45 with bt staff discount)…e=1

2. Samsung SH-S204S External 20x Lightscribe Tru Direct (cheapest so far inc delv £49 at…gle

3. Samsung SE-S084B (black version) approx £51 / Samsung's SE-T084M white version £57…SWD
or should i go all out and blow the budget and get one that reads blue ray dvd-hd etc - although have no use use for these functions at the moment.
any advise appreciated
thank you
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Just one thing that you may want to check. When in battery mode does the laptop output enough power to run a usb powered dvd burner.
The reason I say is that my old laptop had this problem. It was fine when plugged into the mains but the power save hardware built into the laptop drops the current in battery mode and it wouldn't run.
My dad has it now but he has to use a 2-1 usb adaptor to get enough power to use it battery mode. Mine was a HP and my dad's is a Medion.

I have a powered Pioneer dvd 109 that I use when other drives wont play ball, like when copying a dvd-r.
its mainly for my samsung nc10, battery life has taken me by surprise, can usually get 6 plus hours when using wireless internet..but I dont know how it will fair when using such a drive, but one of the models, cant remember which one allows you to use usb or power cable. thanks for the tip will consider this when choosing:thumbsup:
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