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Found 28th Oct 2007
Mrs Saxo has been working as a receptionist for the past 2 half years or so, she went to college for 3 years etc to get all her grades altho never went to uni.

Can anyone help us on the career path she wishes to lead? she wants to stay as a receptionist altho progress to learn new stuff etc and move up the ladder,
Does anyone know anyone that are receptionists? What do you think she should do now?
She earns on the scale of around £12,000 do you think this is pretty low or do you think its about right?
She thinks that her boss is under paying her, we live in sctoland so any help from scottish people (only because of the wage scales) would be great altho all help is much appreciated

i know i can get some good advice on here from everyone


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help and a wee bump

Im guessing the next step up from a receptionist is a Personal Assistant (PA)? I don't know. She could try applying for PA jobs...:thinking:

I think that 12k is quite low, what do other receptionists get? Have you looked through job ads? This should give you an idea on the wage bracket...

I ain't much help im afraid, but hopefully its of some use to you!

Good luck in what Mrs Saxo does tho! :thumbsup:

I think Mrs Sax should possibly approach her superiors (if possible) and say that she is interested in expanding her role within the business and is looking for clarification regarding her career path. I think I would certainly pay more attention to someone who is pro-active.

Have a look at job descriptions in the paper etc for duties and responsibility for comparison and pay grade.s Get her to write down all of her duties. Does she have a job description? Is she now doing more than her description. If so I think it would be reasonable for her to review this with her employers?

I think the natural progression would possibly be a move toward office administrator - getting more involved with accounts/ chasing money/ admin/ resources etc - but that will depend on the size of the Company. £12k seems a bit light for somone with that experience and presumably qualifications. Nothing ventured. If they are not willing to discuss then possibly time for a change! Good luck whatever Mrs Sax!!:thumbsup:

I would recommend progressing to a medical receptionist. Not a massive step away from where she is now, but a around a 50% pay rise.

Try looking online or with job agencies as to a guide for the amount she should earn. Places like monster, brooks, addecco, reed etc. Hopefully then armed with a bit more knowledge she can say to her bosses look give me more or others will in a nice way as such. I am sure there are diplomas, open university courses or vocational courses she could do in administration or something to try and help her move on if she feels she cant otherwise. Though the exp by far is going to be the best thing. Good luck.


PA is the way to go, learn direct have some courses

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thanks for all the help, iv repped you all. much appreciated everyone.


12k seems very low, I used to work as a receptionist for many companies and earned more than that 15 years ago.

When I was a PA around the same time I was on about 18k.

I worked for some top London companies. But, even taking that into consideration 12k seems low.

Now I just temp to suit and earn between £8/12 per hour.




Priss nice new it you?:w00t:


With regards to being a PA, a course is not always necessary. As long as she has all the basic skills then it is all down to the interview.

Most bosses I found employed people who they got on with. If someone is confident and chatty in an interview and engages the interviewer in conversation, then they are immediately ahead of the competition. As a PA they are looking for someone who they bond with.


Heres a link for PA that should be helpful, another idea may be a legal secretary…63/



Priss nice new it you?:w00t:

Yes, and it says sample across my chest if anyone would care to:whistling:

In Stirling we would start unskilled staff at the NMW which for a 40 hour week is about £11.5k.

Given that a proportion of these may be unskilled in reading & writing the English language I would think that to offer a frontline receptionist only £500 more PA is not fair.

Think you should be looking more like £15-£18k PA and also agree with the PA angle as this would always command a higher salary.

Of course you also have to look at the employer and any benefits such as holidays, sick pay, pensions etc. so worth looking at the whole package.


I would recommend progressing to a medical receptionist. Not a massive … I would recommend progressing to a medical receptionist. Not a massive step away from where she is now, but a around a 50% pay rise.

I second this Buddy, get her in to the NHS and she can do her medical terminology training, then there's a very good career path for her.

She can go on to PA, Assistant Service Manager, Service Manager....etc..

Thanks for all your help

Much appreciated.
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