Help answer this question please :)

Posted 2nd Mar
Hi all,

Need some help to answer this question.

What is an example of good customer service you have demonstrated ?

Thank you
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Job interview?
Locating another size in another branch and having it shipped across free of charge.

Putting an item to one side for 24 hours for a customer
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simply asking, 'Is there anything I can help you with today?' or 'How you considered.... blah?' difficult to know without context as to what job you are going for, another one is to 'actively listen' this means to show a real interest and demonstrate you have understood sometimes by feeding back some of the information they said, for example:
Customer: I want a pair of jeans that are not too low on the waist.
You: I'd love to help you with that, do you have an idea as to what colour jeans you would like?
Customer: Mid blue,
You: Follow me and try these mid rise indigo jeans, they come in a skinny fit or straight leg, do you have a preference?

Hope this helps, customer service is the number 1 thing, even if the product is crappy the service will sell it!
if this is for an interview it will have to be an experience that you yourself "have demonstrated" so what we may have demonstrated won't be relevant to you.

it may help if you can tell us what role of customer facing that you have performed, then we can suggest some examples that may apply to you.
Going above and beyond.
Returning phone calls and doing what I said I would. I'm like a bad penny and always turn up. Except once many years ago but let's not mention that.
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Thanks everyone it’s for a friends job interview.
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