help- anybody taken tomtom to spain

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Found 18th Dec 2008
going on holiday to spain thinking of taking my tomtom anyone had any problems with security at airports
thank you in advance


I take mine every year in my hand luggage. It has to go through the xray machine but security have never questioned it. Why would they?

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thank you

I take my Garmin in hand luggage also, never let me down but you have to wait a couple of minutes when it first boots up to realise it is in a different country, and vice- versa when you get home. Just so you don't panic when you first turn it on and you get your own home on the map (like my OH did ). We found switching it off and on a couple of times to reboot it worked.

never had a problem taking mine either, its been to spain several times as well as egypt where the security is nuts

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thanks to all first time to spain so was not sure

I wouldn't put too much trust in it in Spain, they change road layouts and directions like there is no tomorrow.


Ok I misread this and thought you said tomat[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"]Its … Ok I misread this and thought you said tomat[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="1"]Its ok, Iv'e gone, out the back door, bye[/SIZE][/FONT]

Oi!! You forgot your coat! :roll::whistling::p
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