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    can anyone help me with my PC? I didn't have the genunie windows XP on my pc and it kept coming up with a box saying get windows genunie now you might at risk. So then I asked my m8 about it and he gave me a cd and a crack for the genunie windows also told me how to do it. I put the cd and went to system32 and had to go to a folder called DLL CACHE then had to rename winlog and put a b on the end but when I had done this my pc froze and I restarted it, and now my pc loads up but where it can't be signed in it restarts itself. does anyone know what I can do or if I can boot up with a cd or anything??


    You will need to get a Windows XP CD and boot with it; choose the option for a repair install.

    You can buy an OEM version of XP for about £60 so I'd suggest you do that. It will be tied to whatever hardware you buy with it.

    ]How to do a repair install.

    I suggest you go back to the m8 who suggested you "hack" your "pirated" copy of's illegal and I'm sorry but the answer to your query is to purchase a legit product code from Windows..if you have backed up a complete copy of your hard drive then you may be able to reinstall that and get back to where you were before you attempted the "crack".

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    I will this later but many thanks to everyone who replied. rep left for all thanks again
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