help! anyone got the tomica hypercity set??

    ok , got this set for the lo xmas , got it out today and having a nightmare! hoping someone can help.

    the yellow bit that stops the car at the train crossing wont go down , it either manual or auto mode , and when i switch it on is it supposed to make the level crossing noise constantly?

    thanks in advance

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    My little boy got one of these sets for Christmas.

    What should happen is that if you put the 2 cars on the ramp and set both to auto the and train running then everything should happen automatically. As the train goes through it flicks on the yellow tab as it passes. Once it passes the crossing sound should stop and the tab holding the car should flick down allowing it to move.

    Sounds like the tab that the train should flick is stuck meaning it thinks the train is there all the time.
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