Help... Anyone know about Alloy wheels, tyres and sizes

    Just bought some alloy wheels for my car.
    Add said they will fit Ford fusion 195/45/R16 but Ford sites say 195/55/R16.
    What I'm asking will the /45/ /55/ be a problem? is the profile a big issue.

    Never bought Alloys before, but these are genuine Ford.



    should be fine not a huge difference

    45 is just whats the profile of the tyre is, its just 1cm smaller than the fords, smaller isnt a problem at all infact it looks better imo

    it's possible it'll affect the speedo reading of the car as the rolling diameter's of the wheels are different.

    ok 45 is obviously smaller than 55 which means your tyres have a lower profile. Whilst looking better (well, would go better with being lowered to match but dont worry) it has the effect of reducing the wheels circumference, this has an effect on your speedo. Your speedo will OVER read so when it says 60mpg you will be doing say 55.

    Take a peek here also…tml

    Hope it helps


    on my old ka i put 15 inch wheels with a profile of 45 on as compared to standard 13 inch with 65 profile, didnt effect my speedo at all, even the ford guy said it was ok and didnt need calibrating.

    thats because you have incresed in rim size , but decreased in tyre profile , so overall diameter is roughly the same


    Original Poster

    So, do think I should be ok?
    Will my speedo need calibrating?


    So, do think I should be ok?Will my speedo need calibrating?

    No calibration possible on the vast majority of normal dashboards. You will be "ok", but it won't be right.

    What you haven't said, and what no-one has asked, is, are you changing the tyres also?


    What you haven't said, and what no-one has asked, is, are you changing … What you haven't said, and what no-one has asked, is, are you changing the tyres also?

    I imagine they come as a package from ford

    and hes also quoting tyre sizes and not wheel sizes its the height of the tyre thats different

    Do you need to inform insurance about the modification?

    Jumpingphil right of course you have only got the wheels so you can stick 55's on them then.

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    Just bought the alloys, no tyres.
    As they are different to my tyres, I will be needing a new set of tyres too.
    So any help with them wold be great.
    Around town, and weekly on the motorway, but not that many motorway miles.


    What size are the current wheels/tyres?

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    What size are the current wheels/tyres?

    Will have a look later for proper details but 15" is the rim size.

    IIRC, a 1" inch wheel increase, will put the speedo out by a mere 1.5%


    Will have a look later for proper details but 15" is the rim size.

    Assuming 195/60/15's going to ...

    195/45/16 will make the circumference 5% less (speedo will read 70 at 66mph)
    195/55/16 will make the circumference 1% more (speedo will read 70 at 71mph)

    The above isn't exact as speedo's/overall circumference vary to a slight degree (hence the reason speed cameras are normally set 1-2mph above the limit). It's pretty close though.

    45/16 on an Escort is spot on btw, just thought i'd chuck that piece of useless info in :lol:

    Original Poster

    Thanks to all who replied.
    I'm a little more in the know now.



    if you have sat nav, compare speed showing on sat nav to speedo !:thumbsup:

    hi guys can anyone tell me if this is ok b4 buy plz

    i have 195 55 15 v wheels on car at min
    gonna swop them to

    195 50 15 vwheels

    will this have any affect on the car?

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