HELP! Anyone know anything about copying from camcorders?

    There seems to be a few of you guys here who know alot about pc's, and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about copying video from a camcorder?
    I have a Sony DCR-TRV255 handycam, plus the software to go with it. So far I have managed to make an original video, using clips from video footage and adding music, and I can copy video and burn it straight onto CD. But what I can't seem to do is copy the original footage that I've shot, straight onto the hard drive. When it copies to CD it's in DAT file, not mpeg or anything similar. I have spent the day searching the internet and have only come up with 'iLink' which is a cable used to copy from camcorders. I haven't got anywhere to plug the other end of the iLink cable into my pc, so that's not an option for me. Is there any software that converts DAT files to mpegs? Am I making any sense? :lol:
    I have Sony's cust care number and will ring them 2moro, see if they can help me. Otherwise it looks like I will end up having to buy a different camcorder (which I don't really want to do as mine is only 2mths old)
    Any help and info would be greatly appreciated

    - acecatcher3


    Do you use the USB connection for connecting to you computer?

    I think the DAT file is the file created by the software [any software will call it a DAT file specific to its self I think] You might well be able to open it with Windows Media Player 9 or try importing it into that instead of the software it came with.

    If you have Nero 6, there might be a way of importing directly to that [I think :roll:] I haven't got a camcorder, so I'm going by generally using my digital still camera that's capable of movie with sound clips.

    Maybe this review of your camera could be some use to you: CLICK HERE

    Shame it doesn't have a memory slot, as you can read or move data from memory cards, simply by seeing everything on the card using your computer.

    Sorry not much help.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Rayman
    I have managed to sort one problem out, I just right clicked onto the dat file, and renamed it to a mpg!!
    I have tried with a few different software progs, to edit the video, but no luck so far. I will keep looking as there must be something out in the vast www that can do the job.
    I should have bought the 265, that one had a memory stick! Ah well you live and learn. I'll still have fun with this one, it's a great camcorder.
    Thanks again for your help
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