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Found 10th Dec 2009
Hello there,

First time my MacBook Pro laptop battery warped - after 3 years of use so no warranty/Apple Pro care ran out early this year. The warped battery made my keyboard sink a little grrrr. Otherwise the laptop seems to function ok.

I now have an appointment at Apple Store Genius bar but ahead of that meeting, I need some useful advice from those of you who have experienced this problem (apparently it's a design fault, I thought I was immune to it having used Macs for the past 20+ years but hey!).

Anyways I went online to find out how much replacement batteries (model A1175) cost, and found a site hotbattery.co.uk which does it for less than £40 including pp (a more realistic RM post price of £2.98/£3.98 which made me think yes they are in the UK). Has anyone used them before?

And anyone ever experienced this before and did you get your battery/laptop keyboard replaced by Apple?

Should I take a picture of the damage?
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Hey Kippy
I've been looking at replacement batteries too for apple macbook pro. That website looks a bit like it's foreign copies being sold. I checked out some other forums, and the copy batteries can easily warp and ruin the apple mac!!
I ended up parting with £97 today at the apple store, just because even though its a real rip off, at least it has a proper warranty.
thanks guys ... at least i feel more equipped facing the apple crowd tomorrow
well folks. the good news is ... despite my MBP is 3 years old, and the Applecare protection expired this year the Apple Store genius who attended to my problem immediately replaced it with a brand new battery! wooohooo my faith is restored with Apple.
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