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    Hi, if I was to order 24 items from Asda that are £1 each and they do not have enough stock will they substitute for the next closest item (£2.50 each) and not charge me extra? TIA


    I believe they will charge you the cost of the substitute.

    If it's anything like tescos, they won't bring you the item at all and say the store had run out.

    From their website:
    'When ordering, don't forget to let us know if you would like us to send you a similar product. If the product is out of stock, we'll replace it with a similar or higher value item and you won't be charged the difference'.

    my sis works for Asda. theu usually try to substitute for similar price. if they substitute for a lower price, the item gets free for cuatomer and if an expensive or let's say £1.25 worth of item is given as a susbstitute for £1 item, the customer doesnt pay 25 pence. its from Asda.

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    Thanks guys - the closest substitute is £2.50 so fingers crossed - will let you know what they do... hopefully they don't substitute it for something ridiculous and nothing like what I wanted

    I would be very surprised indeed if they gave you it 24 times. £60 worth for £24?!!
    I will be back to find out what happened.
    Robj1 I have had some great results with Tesco substitutions - they're why I keep renewing my delivery saver with Tesco. They're not at all consistent though, thereve been "no substitute item available" for a bar of Cadbury dairy milk and 4 Pts Semi-skimmed before.

    now wouldnt that be handy if you could order things that are out of stock , knowing you'd get a better branded item in its place and not get charged the extra


    I believe they will charge you the cost of the substitute.

    Why would you answer a question you don't know the answer to?

    Also, OP, what was the item?

    I have known a £3 item to be substituted with an £18 item.

    Worked for me at christmas with the £10 Darcy champagne deal, ended up with 6 bottles of Moet, not charged extra.

    In the past when i had Asda deliveries their substitutions were a joke. However, if i phoned their customer services to complain they were very good at issuing refunds for the substitutions i wasn't happy with. On one occasion when my husband collected a click and collect order and i wasn't happy with the substitutions they refunded the cost of the items and told me to keep them as a gesture of goodwill. The items in question were laundry tabs worth over £20.

    What i found particulary galling was if they had deals which involved buying two different items and each would be reduced, if one of said items was unavailable and substituted they then charged the full price for the two items instead of honouring the original deal which their T&C's say will always be done. This was why i stopped using them.
    This is a rather long winded way of saying in theory they should allow you to have the more expensive items for the same price - but don't hold your breath.

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    Why would you answer a question you don't know the answer to?Also, OP, … Why would you answer a question you don't know the answer to?Also, OP, what was the item?

    My husband used to get asda deliveries when we lived in London and he used to ask for substitutes. We don't do that any more as I am a lot more fussy than he is, and I won't eat or drink anything that is not the exact brand I want.

    I found that the substitutes were often very silly and were no where near to the original request. It was a few years ago so my memory must have not retained the information correctly. I recollect that they charged the price of the substitute or they may have changed their policy since we used the delivery service. but from a business point of view, it doesnt make a lot of sense to give higher priced substitutes at the lower original item pricing. if this happens too often on most items then the business won't stay very profitable for long.

    So... What happened?


    So... What happened?

    Lol. Was wondering myself whether the OP made a profit as it sounds like a perfect way to make money
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