HELP Asus Eee PC 2GB -how to connect to sky wireless

    OMG all day on the net trying to get info to get this little gadget to connect to the wireles network, please please can someone help me to do this, i've got 2 to connect and neither will work with the sky wireless. ARG

    any help will be really appreciated by my two youngest kids, thanks


    right click on the computer icon on the bottom of the screen. view available wireless connections click on the one that responds to your connection put in password press conect. hope this gets you up and running. merry christmas.

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    tried this but it just says pending, i can't get an ip address on the eee pc

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    got it. god knows how but i did it, thanks and rep added xxx

    I have an EEEpc 1000HE and sometimes the connection drops randomly and fluctates from VERY LOW to GOOD signal strength at random :?

    Just as a heads-up as well, if you know how make sure you change your wireless password, not just the default, as there is a tool available on the internet (no I won't tell anyone where!) that can find out default passwords for SKY wireless routers from the SSID/MAC (kinda like a unique serial number for each router) which is broadcast all over your street. :thumbsup:

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    if you know how make sure you change your wireless password,

    how do i change it? is the password the little card with a code on it that came with the the wireless box?
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