help::: bath toy for 2 year old girl and ben 10 dvds


    have just spoken to my friend, who wants something for her little girl to play with whilst in the bath, she is nearly 2 - have no idea, whats any good any tips?

    Also, anyone know where there are any good deals on Tonka Trucks or ben 10 dvds?



    they do a bubble machine for kids for the bath, ive seen them in asda.

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    OH really...... that sounds good will have a look thanks

    Fully plastic doll - she can wash doll while parents wash her

    they were on the aisle with baby milk,, nappies etc not with the toys.

    argos do a dora the explora bath doll, a dora swimming mermaid and also a wonder pets water whale, my kids love it…tml

    if she's two she will love the waybuloos

    Rubber ducks. Bath crayons you can get in most supermarkets their fun just wash soon as their out of the bath. Bubble machine £7.99 in home bargins .
    in works they have bath flutes and a few other bath toys really cheap as well .

    Skusey i i love you avatar .

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    thank you all. will have a look.

    not sure about the waybaloos? i know she is into Dora etc, they are normally into everything thought at that age arent they.

    Amazon have the complete series 1 of Ben 10 at £10.98 (£25 RRP) (£13.99 at play)
    Only available until midnight I think.

    In works they do musical instruments for the bath and don't cost much . Ben 10 i have seen the dvds but can't remember where.
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