help.. been ripped off by dealextreme

    Hi all,

    Having some issues with Dealextreme. Basically ordered some goods about four months ago, haven't received them, and kept getting told to wait on the support ticket. They're now ignoring said ticket, and I can't find any other way of contacting them. I've tried going through Paypal to claim my money back, but they don't want to know. Anyone got any ideas? I'm out of pocket just for ordering some stuff




    -return ticket to the far east
    -knock on their door
    -claim your 3 quid back

    call them?

    You may also reach us live by calling (+86) 1353-0080-484 new!. Our office hour is between 9am to 6pm HKT/GMT+8 (lunch break between 11:45AM and 1:15PM), Monday through Saturday except public and statutory holidays.

    DX Local Time (HKT/GMT+8):

    i've only ever had one issue with them
    raised a paypal claim, it paid out.

    I ordered something for nintendo ds
    Waiting weeks for it and got nothing.
    Emailed them and kinds got passed around..One day i was offered refund..then exchange...then money off.
    In the end i recieved 2 different items within a week.

    Original Poster

    kungfu: helpful!
    babbabooey: thanks, must have missed that, i'll try that. I would have thought it would have turned up by now if it was going to, it has been nearly six months!


    Similar story. Ordered stuff 1 December. Nothing been sent. Account has said goods are ready to dispatch then it goes back to awaiting. Fired a support ticket off to them. Thats ignored. Fire off email to Paypal. Then DX send me an email saying the order has now been paused until I remove my paypal complaint. That ain't gonna happen.

    Your post has reminded me to now take it officially through to dispute.

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    Yeah I'm not ordering from them again. Would just write it off if it were a couple of quid, but it was £15. Plus, it's the principle..I'm sure they think I'm trying to pull a fast one or something, but I just want what I paid for.


    They seem so hit and miss. I have ordered quite a few cheap things from the over the past couple of years and always been impressed with delivery times. But then so many people have bad experiences, shame really because I haven't got a bad thing to say about them!

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    It seems to me they're being let down by one of the postal services somewhere in the chain, clearly they're not intentionally ripping people off.
    No excuse for ignoring the support tickets of paying customers though.

    they were ok the last couple of times I used them

    I Have Ordered Quite A Few Things And Never Had A Problem, Maybe Just Lucky

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    this is the exact reason i stopped using them and went to … this is the exact reason i stopped using them and went to Only had one problem with focal price and that was sorted and new item shipped before they received the faulty one back. top class.Had so many problems with faulty goods, return them to deal extreame and they ignore you, paypal dont want to know as its not ebay, my advice is never use them again, try and claim back via paypal and let us know how you get on.

    I tried Paypal, but because I left it longer than 30 days (or thereabouts, can't remember the exact limit) to claim, they're not interested. I only waited because DealExtreme told me to! I'll ring them in the morning and see if I can get anywhere. Will definitely update this post with results in case anyone else has a similar problem in the future.

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