HELP! Best Deal on a 23" HD-Ready LCD Tele Please!

Hi guys, amazing site by the way been observing for a while and have become a big fan! Keep up the good work.

Im in a bit of bother, it's the old man's birthday in a week or so and i need to get him a 23" HD LCD Tele - thing is he's a bit of a perfectionist so its got to be a good make and good specs (none of these random ones no-one has ever heard of!) Don't really wanna spend more than 450. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers people.

Many thanks


i think there is a samsung 26" one on the hot deals forum.... for £481?

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i think there is a samsung 26" one on the hot deals forum.... for £481?

Hi, yeah thanks i saw that and considered it but apparently 23" is the max size the tele can be, no room for anything bigger

dont think theres that many 23" HDTV knocking about.

most of the ones i can see are HDTV compatible, not HDTV ready.

Hello there, been checking out prices myself for a new tv, some real bargains at Curry's at the min. Only one decent 23" available the others are out of stock for the established brands.

how about trying this one

Philips 23PF5321 23" High Definition Widescreen LCD TV

checked on official Philips site and is HD Ready

Price stated is £549.99 but if you use vouchers as explained in previous posts ,price comes down £404.10



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thanks alot mate, much appreciated! the only other good one i can find is a black samsung one for £431 on amazon-do you think there will be much difference in quality between the two? i know samsung are meant to be sweeter than a sugar-coated stripper.

Well from what I can gather when you wade throught the minefield of TV's is that Samsung are quite a respected brand , especially the new ones coming through, for some independent reviews try checking out homecinemachoice.com/rev…ws/

But it looks like Samsung favour better than Philips overall
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