I am trying to have a massive clear out from my house so have gathered a lot branded clothes, electrical good etc but have no experience of ebay selling.

    I do not want to get stung with getting the postage wrong. I would like to set all the auctions going for a week and a courier come pick up all the items. I was thinking of putting them all in postage bags?

    thanks to any posters in advance its appreciated!


    There is a huge difference in courier quality from area to area. I like parcel 2 go in Aberdeen but their local rep near you may not be nearly as good (or may be better!). My advice would be to ask locally.

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    I live in chester? does anyone know?

    where would be best to ask?

    I use either Parcel to Go or the post office. Easiest way to find out postage costs is to download the pdf from Roayl Mail to give you an idea what to charge for postage. A set of good kitchen scales are handy to have around for weights. With royal mail, chech for sizes of packages as they have different parcel size rates.
    The link for prices is…122

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    thanks, is the royal mail better for smaller packages under 2kg and then use other firms for above?

    If you have no feedback on ebay - I wouldn't suddenly auction lots of stuff - it will look slightly dodgy and with no feedback you'll get less/lower bids..........

    Make sure any delivery with anything worth while has tracking.

    ebay shoulnt be used! they dont cover you if anything goes wrong and neither does paypal

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    ebay shoulnt be used! they dont cover you if anything goes wrong and … ebay shoulnt be used! they dont cover you if anything goes wrong and neither does paypal

    what would you use?


    I've used these and they do £1.97 for a 2kg parcel

    I sat in the van keeping the house under surveillance. It had been about two hours when the woman finally left. I hunched down and watched her in the rear view mirror until she turned the corner, then I ran to the wall and vaulted it. I fell to the ground and led silently listening to see if I had been noticed. Then slowly I crawled along on my chest until I reached the door. I looked around to ensure that I was unseen.

    Then, slowly, deliberately, I carefully opened the letterbox and posted it. Then I ran back to the van without looking back and drove off at great speed.

    And another 'Sorry you weren't home' card is successfully delivered ..

    Myhermes. My local guy is class. Prices are cheap as Chips aswell.
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