Help, best tv, surf and phone option for me

Hi guys, I've been wanting to change my providers around to save money but it's all so confusing, if i tell you what i have can someone give me a wee help in finding the best deal out there for me, thanks,

BT - £35 month including line rental (just reduced from £50)
Sky £27.26 (disney but no movies or sports)
Orange £19.99 ( internet)
total £82.25

My BT line only carries 1mb download speed (think thats right) can't be upgraded as it's too far from the exchange,
hope some on can help, thanks xx fizzie xx


i get everything including the movies and hd for about £69 from virgin

How about using a comparison site, see what deals there are & what's available in your area :

even without looking I can tell you now - Virgin (if you can get it) will be your best option!

from as little as £14.50 per month + £11 Line Rental

Wow, £82 is WAYYYYY too much!!

Hopefully this will help you decide what you want.

Virgin package builder:

Remember to read the small (and grey) print below.

Here are the list of TV channels you get from Virgin and depending what "size" TV package you get too.
]List of Channels

you will easily half you're bill on Virgin. Drop me ya postcode and ill see what they're offering

i get all of the above from Sky, including line rental
currently have all the channels except sports, plus the phone line and mid broadband (8mb/sec) = £49
plus whatever phone calls i make.

Checked the Vm site, and you CAN get this.

Prices start from £30.50

L 10MB BB, 65 TV channels and Unltd Weekend Calls - £30.50
XL BB, L TV (100 channels) and L Phone (Free eve and weekends) will cost £44.45 a month
XLL BB (50mb), XL TV (165 channels) or XL Phone (free calls anytime) will cost £59.00

There are various other combinations you can have that will differ the cost, but the above include Line Rental (and 9 times outta 10, you keep your current number!)

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you guys are all stars, rep for you all xxxxx

FB? what did you decide on ? :thumbsup:

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still thinking, but think it will prob have to be sky, as i worked there for years i know how to fix and repair cables, boxes and technical probs, £49, no set up fees, and BT are to upgrade our phone lines in the near future,

there is also a £185 debt balance sitting from the days of telewest on an account from years ago(due to them starting a new account instead of transferring hubbys account from our house to the one we stayed in for 6 months when our house was being rebuilt following a bad fire ) as ths was years ago(over the legal 6years) and we hadn't been informed of there mess up, there is no legal requirement for us to pay, but have taken this issue to CAB as I don't like the idea of this sitting in our name, thanks again xx
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