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Found 18th May 2009
Looking to have new windows fitted and was hoping to find some good recommendations.
Many thanks in advance.

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think "safestyle" are good at the minute, they got two deals, either get 50%off the whole job, or buy the doors and windows for the front of your house and get the back ones for free,

come with 10 year gaurentee.

telephone number is 0800 106 107

hope this helps.

Use a local company with a good reputation, avoid the big names.

Not sure if they cover your area but Glevum windows were good when my nan had them to do her conservatory. A few other people I know have said they are good as well.





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Thanks for all the replies, I also want to know which ones people have had a bad experience with so I know who to avoid.
Based in Lanarkshire, Strathclyde area if anyone knows a good local company they can recommend, and again thanks for all the input.

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think "safestyle" are good at the minute, they got two deals, either get … think "safestyle" are good at the minute, they got two deals, either get 50%off the whole job, or buy the doors and windows for the front of your house and get the back ones for free,come with 10 year gaurentee.telephone number is 0800 106 107hope this helps.

Quite a lot of bad reviews on this company for their sales tactics and customer service.


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Don't use Anglian Windows,,,I've been a victim,,,Dire,,,You've been … Don't use Anglian Windows,,,I've been a victim,,,Dire,,,You've been warned,,,http://www.mickt.ukf.net/Anglian%20Windows.htmhttp://www.dooyoo.co.uk/local-services/anglian/reviews/http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews111556.htmlI'll stop here but loads of very unhappy Anglian window customers about,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid,,,Avoid

That anglian windows company looks appalling, sorry to hear about all the trouble you have had with them.
Companies like that are the scum of the earth.

Do not use safestyle, awful bully boy tactics and quote you a massively inflated price then the old 'I will call my manager' routine.

Depend where you are based but my mate has just had all new windows fitted for £3500 less than safestyles 'best price'. Will try and get the name for you, good quality windows too, with new magnetised locks and not keys

Have to agree stay away from Safestyle.

I would look at local companys and ask for recomendations from friends and neighbours, we got ours from a local company thery were the cheapest and supplied the best spec too, 10 windows new front door for £3k fully fitted with argon filled softcoat glass, all high spec locking on windows etc.

If anyone comes round and says £10k then suddenly drops to £5k "if you sign up today" show them the door and dont deal with them

We have just spent £13,695 with Anglian for two new windows, a conservatory and new guttering, soffits, facia boards and downpipes .... We are happy with the conservatory and windows but ... two absolute bodgers WORKING UNDER THE NAME OF ANGLIAN HOME IMPROVEMENTS have made a complete mess of our guttering, soffits etc. The guttering is warped (seconds we think). A two year old would make a better job with the mastic and we would say that the workmen are NOT SKILLED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. The job is appalling and they wanted us to sign it off as job satisfactorily done!!! We refused to do so and so, all they have at the moment is our £400 deposit (out of a £2,695 bill).

On top of the above work which is an insult, they tried to sell us some "private work" evidently done in Anglian's time and probably using Anglian's materials too, to repair the absolute mess they made removing cement from the ends and valley on our roof. We are happy to say that we said no thank you to their offer.


definatly go for triple glazing, its worth the extra, not many places do, ask them.
ive been a window fitter and servicer for 40 years

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