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Found 3rd Sep 2007
hi I have promiced my children a fish(3 of each). to house 3 gold fish i hear i will need a big bowl/tank. I have seen these biorb things but can't bring myself to fork out about £100 when i thought i'd be spending about £25. i don't have much room for a standard tank and these appear to take less room. do any of you have any alternitive ideas or know where these are going cheap, thanks kerry

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hi check on e-bay you can put in within so many miles of your postcode and you can sometimes pick up a cheap very decent tank.

If you haven't got the room for a large tank steer well clear of goldfish - small tanks stunt their growth eventually causing organ collapse.
Bio-orbs are also ineffective as fish swim in stratas (layers) and therefore having a bowl limits the upper and lower strata - If your going for a biorb shrimp are probably the best option. A cheap standard tank needn't cost the earth - tips often have them. Check in bath for any cracks, cheap heater/ filter (2nd hand = very cheap) n a few fish. Tetras are superb as they are small, produce next to no mess ( little effort to look after compared to goldfish) - a simple 10% water change a week is more than enough. Cheap & replaceable too (impossible to tell one from another so if you lose one no upset little one!). Neons are fascinating - shouldn't cost more than 80p each. A shoal of 6 plus a few shrimp (who clean up detritus) = a very easy to keep tank costing next to nothing. Should be about on budget at £25. 120 litres is an ideal size to start with - bigger tanks don't swing rapidly in chemical composition, and the ammonia cycle is more predictable so less frequent cleaning is needed.
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