I have XPS 435T, with intel x58 motherboard. i have installed 3gb (3x1gb DDR3) but bios not recognising 3gb but only 1GB. Also Windows says 3GB (0.99 usable). I have updated bios to latest version but still no luck.
    plz help


    I put new ram in my dell e521 and it went mad.
    Beeping not loading up etc.
    How many ram slots do you have.
    2 or 4 have you put the ram in the right 2 slots if you have 4 slots.
    Also take it out and put back in again if all else fails check it clicks in.
    This should be a loud hard click into place.

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    Hi, thanks but i have tried above, double checked the slots etc but not luck

    try 2 first in the correct slots a1 + b1

    memtest86 may be worth a try

    are they all the same type, clock speed, make, latency etc of RAM?

    salimsd can you give us more information on the 3 sticks of memory?

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    Yes they are OCZ 3x1GB 1333mhz DDR3 (bought from Ebay) installed in slot 1-3-5

    can you check the serial numbers online to make sure they aren't from a bad batch?

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    does above image help to answer?

    are you sure that the BIOS not recognising the RAM, its strange that Windows can, although what is the prog you are using that show you using 1GB?

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    and this is what is under slot 1 (same for slot 3 & 5)

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    its the desktop gadjet

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    Have you tried slot 2/4/6?

    Also are your running a 64bit OS?

    Despite the motherboard not reading it correctly, if it is showing in Windows I am assuming it must be working fine. The only time I have seen Windows report "blah blah usable" which is less than what is actually there is when your hitting the cap limit on 32bit (3.2GB-ish inc. vram). So I am assuming you have crossfire/sli with 2x1gb graphics cards?

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    yes, i am putting in correct slot 1-3-5...and when i try 2-4-6 does not start just beep sound.

    Operating System, is it 64 or 32bit?

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    W7 64bit
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