HELP!! Birthday idea for 5 year old girl

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Found 8th Jun 2009
As above really, I've got to buy my 5 year old niece a present today.
I did have one but they are too small for her. I've got no idea what a 5 year old is into and don't want to let on I've left it sooo late.
Thank you thank you thank you xxx

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Dressing up clothes and dressing up jewellry - my girls love it

Probably find some in tescos


any DS game for girls, the pony one, mamas cooking etc.

any my little pony things, princesses, barbie, disney ( gosh this sounds v sexist lol )

what are her interests?

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sounds awaful but to be honest I don't know. We arent that close and live very far apart but I always try to do my bit :roll:
Thanks for the ideas - maybe a princess dressing up outfit.

High School Musical is a good bet, most 5yr old girls are into this (my daughter is 4 and LOVES it). Dressing up as mentioned above, anything arty. Another good one that my daughter would absolutely love would be a voucher for the Build-a Bear-Workshop but this depends on how much you want to spend and if there is one near your neice, we travel an hour to go to our closest but all girls love making their own teddy, especially if they've got enough for clothes too, I think you can buy the vouchers online too and could probably get it sent straight to your neice.
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