Help Birthday Pressies for girls aged 3 and 5

Found 13th Apr 2010
Before I leave it way to late because I don't know what to get has anyone any ideas what I can get for these girls aged 3 and 5, will be spending roughly £10-£15 on each, if I can get something thats been reduced better still, really would like to pay more the £10 mark, cash a bit tight at the moment. Don't know what these girls like! Thanks in advance for any help

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Depnds what kind of girls they are? Are they girly girls or tomboyish - I have two girls aged 2 and 4 and one is girly the other should have been a boy I think.

Maybe better to ask the parents so you don't buy duplicates:thumbsup:

an art set, its a bit hard when you dont know what they like

i heard Peppa Pig is all the rage.

I got my two girls Peppa Pig art sets which are down to £4.99 in Toys R Us (were £9.99). 60 pieces in it and it folds into a carry case too. My two love it. Even get some colouring books to go with it - Poundland usually do some good ones which will be cheap.

how about a princess jigsaw or any jigsaw... disney shop have some for £5, my 3yr old loves hers.

You could also get character duvet cover sets..peppa pig / hello kitty / dora, etc .. Asda have some for £9 i think

Dolls pram and dolly??
Art and craft things?
Ask there parents what tv character they like.... as you could get something thats on offer
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