Help - black shadow lines and shapes - Samsung LE3287BD LCD TV issues!!!!

    Help - my Samsung LE3287BD has what appears to be screen burn? There are shadow shapes like dinning chairs down the right side and vertical black lines in the background, left and right of centre - about 1 inch thick. I noticed the shadows appearing a couple of months ago but its gotton worse. I never leave any fixed images or menus on the screen so I cant work it out.

    Ive tryed a factory reset, changed all the settings. I can see these shadow lines on Virgin + (HD lead) and my samsung bluray player (HD lead). I did used to have an xbox 360 and Wii hooked up via component but that was a year ago. Ive also tryed using pixelprotector DVD to see if I can screen wash but no luck. I think its the backlight?

    I purchased at the end of 2007 so Im out of my 12 month warranty and purchased from an online store who have said I need to take it up with Samsung. Ive rang Samsung and they have given me a number for a local repir company. They want £95 just to look at it!

    Can anyone help - anyone had similar problems or solutions??
    I want to fight it but neither seller or manufacture want to help. I can imagine its gonna be a replacement panel which will probably cost hundreds. Researching on the internet it seems Samsung suck & blow when it comes to there quality and customer service.



    isn't everything covered for two years in europe now ,someone might come along and confirm that
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