HELP bolier was serviced now boiler saying overdue and stopped working

    hi anubody who could help would be gratefull. i had my boiler serviced 2 weeks ago, just went to turn on my hot water and it wouldnt work and neither will the heating. it is saying overdue, when it was serviced two weeks ago???? i have a 10 month old baby to bath please help

    thank you in advance really appreciate any comments


    Have you 'phoned the people who serviced it?

    Ring them up and get them back in as soon as possible.
    This could be very dangerous, especially after reading what happened a couple of weeks ago after a boiler service..
    Call them NOW!

    Who services your boiler? give them a ring. Hot water you can muddle through for a day or so by boiling pans and kettles, but you need your heating on with a baby. I feel so sorry for you as i had no hot water or heating apart from a gas fire in the living room for a week after christmas.

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    hi thank you all yeah phoned the council and they have phoned the boiler people and they are coming out tonight. what happened a couple of weeks ago????

    rep added to you all

    Hi where does it say boiler overdue?? Is it on the wall controller.

    If so it's a trigger built into the stats to make people get there boilers serviced in rented homes etc by landlords to stop come back on them if anything goes wrong.

    Hope it isn't a Ideal boiler as we've just had our kitchen and room washed out due to boiler leaking after turning it off for 2 days.
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