HELP - BOYLE SPORTS, card fraud

Found 3rd Jan 2008
I've been looking at my bank statement and I have £100 taken from my account and used at Boylesports Eccom.

I've never heard of the site before, what should i do
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Ring your bank immediately. Ask them what it is, if you still dont know get your card stopped and register for fraud.

Online betting, funny if you deposit £100 you get £100 free.
Definately ring your bank.

They may ask you to get in touch with your local police station also, so that you get a crime reference number. This way, they can process the claim faster.

Also, you'll need to go through your receipts and bank statements with a fine-toothed comb to make sure there are no other anomolies there.

Good luck and fingers crossed

don't spend a great deal, so checking the statement for inaccuracies is quite easy for me, anyway, rang my bank, cancelled my card new pin number also, and getting a claim form to dispute the inaccuracy and get my £100 back

thanks anyway will leave rep
I had the same last month with one of my visa cards,somebody got my card details and was trying to buy items from the net.i was lucky Natwest blocked them before they could spend anything.god knows how they got my details,i only used that card a couple of times last year.your bank will go through what you have spent and send you a new card.
Id also take up the quidco deal on experian credit expert to check that no one has applied for credit in your name......

I had similar a few months back but the alliance and leicester stopped the transactions however getting your credit file for the month wont cost you anything if you go via quidco but at least you will be able to see if anyone is up to anything else, with mine they had applied from electoral register details off a site called eroll.co.uk

Hope it works out ok
It does make you wonder how these scammers think they'll get the money back out of the betting sites afterwards?

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