Help bring Baseball games to Uk consoles

Hey im a big baseball fan and so to bring the games over here for consoles ive set up a petition - i need sigs -- your info wont be shared…tml




Your obsessed!!!

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LOL :d

What do you do in a baseball game?
Im guessing you have to hit the button at the right time to swing the bat correctly

I don't personally like cricket, Baseball or Golf.

Or anything thats mainly done by a computer and as above hitting a button at the right time.


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i have the demo on my 360 which i dl off the usa marketplace

As the pitcher throws the ball yuo push back on the right analogue stock and the with the left you aim where to hit then push the right analogue stick forward hoping you guessed right

Its a complicated game baseball and very tough but thats the beauty of it

Pitchings quite hard -- fieldings great and the best bit is stealing a home run as you jump over the wall to catch him for an out

If any of that made sense lol

Wouldn't it be possible to buy a region free game?

i cant see it being any fun on the 360, on the will it would

there's about 3 baseball fans in this country, i didn't think 360 games were region coded so you could import?

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95% of xbox 360 games are region coded and no the mlb 2k7 game isnt region free thats what the petition is for -- to allow region free games for baseball so ppl can import it

Ah - remember the baseball game on the NES

That was class

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Thanks for all the ppl signing weve got 18 ppl so far and thats ina day --so multiplay that over a year


I would be suprised if you got double that this week.

Yikes, this is the last Baseball game I ever bought...
How rude of me!

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Were on 28 so far

With the PS3 being region free, Would it be easier to buy a PS3 and get all these American games (Not to mention cheaper games which are also out in the states first?)

Looks like thats one plus point for the PS3 anyway!


Petitions. There are 1000s of them, "puT mGS4 on teh 360 m8s!".
Games companies will not listen.
Baseball just isn't that big of a market in the UK. For them to change anything to benefit this tiny little minority will make them lose out.

Oh, and good luck. If you do manage to change something, I have a hat, and I will eat it.

Buy a Wii & play wii baseball.......

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i did have a wii and frankly wii baseball sucked --- no fielding just swinging the bat and i got a home run every time

I totally support dandoc2 in his quest!

I too am baseball mad and have a 360, the only option really is to either get a US 360 or get a PS3.

I have MLB 06 The Show on PSP ( and love it to bits, would like to get 07 but since there is no franchise mode I am holding back.

Getting a PS3 then should net you a choice of baseball titles ..... The Show and the MLB 2K series.

I like both series but prefer The Show.


Ah - remember the baseball game on the NES :DThat was class

I played that game soooooo much when i was younger, still play it every now and then.

The NES is still a great console, graphic wise it might not compete with a 360 ;-) (only slightly tho haha) but some of the games are excellent. Same goes for the snes, a lot of the games are still excellent today.
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