Help bring my family closer with a data deal

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Hi All,

I’m determined to get my Dad online this year, mainly so he can see the grandkids via Skype.

Was thinking of either giving him an old tablet I’ve got or buying a fire thingy on Black Friday so that side is sorted.

However he hasn’t got broadband so I’m trying to figure out the most cost effective way to get him a wireless data package.

He won’t stump up for a monthly sub, so wondering if anyone got a payg data deal that will roll over too? And how would set it up - mifi or similar?


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When I moved to a new house with no internet I bought a huawei mifi thing & pre loaded data Sim. Worked a treat until we got up & running. I think you can get a preloaded sim from 3 that the data last for 3,6 or 12 months.
Normally the same price to get broadband with home phone now anyway.
If it's only for Skype, then home broadband - not fibre is all he needs. Some great deals about and the old 'copper' broadband is getting faster as more people free up the cabinets by switching to fibre. Plusnet do line rental plus up to 17mb speed and unlimited use, for £20 month ( line rental is around £17 month everywhere) so BB for £3 month, plus £50 cashback.. On a 12 month contract they are paying him/you £14 to have broadband..
Lots of other deals out there.
Buy something like this click (I bought one for my brother and for the price it's very decent). Then get a data sim like this click, you got 12GB of data to be used within 12 months. Just pop the sim card in the tablet.
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I didn't realise anyone had responded until I saw the little inbox sign in the app. Cheers I'll check out the suggestions
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