HELP - broken Guitar Hero Controller!!

    As in title i was playing Guitar hero on the PS3 last night and noticed that the "Strum" button wasnt working properly.

    i bought it rom littlewoods at christmas. Do i send it back to them??


    You can try.

    Otherwise take it apart and see why its not plucking.


    go here and search to see if any of the tips etc can fix it if not submit a warranty claim and you'll be sent a replacement.…_nl

    You can easily get a RMA replacement, they don't even ask you to send in your old guitar…Tpj

    1. Click on link your console guitar is not working
    2. Select your area as Europe, click submit
    3. Select your country & language
    4. select console
    5. Select world tour
    6. Select world wireless guitar
    7. Select the fault (in your case, strum bar)
    8. Select Yes
    9. Click next x 2
    10. When asked for serial number enter the serial number on your guitar (I think it's near the batteries?)
    11. Enter your details

    Original Poster

    thanks very much everyone rep left or all, i have claimed on the warranty.
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