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    I am thinking of building myself a gaming rig, I've dabled with a few machines and upgraded various components, so hopefully i'm upto the job. To be honest I'm more of a benchmark addict than a hardcore gamer!

    I've got a budget of around £500, prefrably with a Intel core 2 quad CPU (unless i can get an Itel i7 for that money) DDR3 Ram, hard drive doesn't need to be huge 500 GB would do, and a decent graphics card. I already have a monitor I can use.

    Can anyone suggest any components that would suit this budget, and where best to get them from?

    Any help woud be greatly apreciated.


    From neogaf:…177


    Just like the rig for US posters, I've put together a config that uses the absolute best "bang for buck" components whilst sticking to a strict £400 budget. The basic components are similar but I've used parts that are better priced at Ebuyer in order in come in on budget.

    [Motherboard (ASUS M4A78 770)]:…128 (£55.86)
    [CPU (Phenom ii X2 550)]: ]http//ww…550 (£79.99)
    [RAM (OCZ Titanium 4GB DDR2 800)]:…644 (£34.99)
    [GPU (XFX HD 4870 512MB)]…497 (£99.99)
    [DVD (22X Samsung DVDRW)]:…450(£15.56)
    [Case/PSU (Coolermaster Centurion 5 and Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 550w PSU)]:…707 (£74.79)
    [HDD (WD CAVIAR BLACK 640GB)]:…247(£51.79)

    Total cost = £412.97 delivered

    Recommended upgrades for 1080p gaming

    [GPU (XFX 4890 1GB)]:…969(£140.73)

    Total cost of 1080p gaming rig = £453.70

    I think the main reason for that CPU choice is that is is actually has 4 cores but 2 are disabled and may be able to be unlocked (if you're lucky - they may not work).

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    Sounds like an option, thanks for that. Would idealy like to spend a bit more and get a Intel processor if possible, and maybe DDR3 Ram.

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    Sounds like a good option, could the PSU not be changed for the case/psu combo on the previous suggestion?

    [Case/PSU (Coolermaster Centurion 5 and Coolermaster eXtreme Power Plus 550w PSU)]:…707 (£74.79)

    Saves a bit of money to have enough left over for a ATI 4870 or similar and DVD Drive, or is that not a great case/psu?

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    Anyone else have any suggestions?
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