Help building a app for both ios and android

    Hey guys im looking for some help i have never looked at building a app before but i would like to get some advice from you guy who have tried or built apps

    i have seen a app that i would like to try and make it like e.g. same functions and same layout

    the app is called ( GMB nottingham panthers ) in app store on ios

    i don't want to have to pay anything to build it

    and please no arguing about witch platform is better


    this is may be what you need for the android side of things - clicky~

    If you have never done programming then there is a lot to learn first of all before attempting to build a cross platform app. You will need to learn the 2 languages (iOS = Objective C, Android = Java based).

    They are not easy languages to learn, I am currently studying Java and there is a steep learning curve. I have created a personal app for my iPhone and let me tell you that Objective C is pretty complex, even compared to Java.

    What experience have you got with programming.

    Original Poster

    nothing but i want to learn so if there is anything to get me started on learning the softwear that will be gratefull

    you have kind of picked the 'hardest' modern languages pretty much, but the android link to the sdk is a prequisite for droid developmnet, you will of course need an ide (e.g. eclipse).

    Have a search for some really, really basic tutorials becuase if its your first programming, you are likely to find it very challenging. worth the battle tho', it can be really rewarding.

    If learning Java, I would recommend the book "Objects first with Java" (authors: Barnes & Kolling)

    However, you may be better off getting a book/online tutorial which teaches you Java and Android's twist on it at the same time.

    Best tool to write basic Java programs is BlueJ. Once you've got to grips with Java basics, set up Eclipse and the Android SDK and follow tutorials for Android "Hello World" apps.

    Also, I haven't used it but maybe take a look at this if writing the app from scratch is a bit daunting:

    Not sure how much of the work it does for you, or if you need to do any real programming at all!

    As far as not wanting to pay, AFAIK you have to pay to publish an app to apples app store. Think its a developer cost/license and its like £100 or something.

    Maybe some of these Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools would help:…ls/
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