Help building a gaming pc

Found 2nd Dec 2017
I'm trying to put together a gaming pc. Any help in sourcing parts would be greatly appreciated. Also any advice/things I should change is welcome.

So far I've got:

CPU: Ryzen 1600
CASE: NZXT 340 Elite
HDD: 2TB 3.5" BarraCuda

Need an ssd, I think around 250gb, 2x8gb ram suitable for ryzen around £160, a power supply, was thinking 650w and a gpu maybe a 1070.

For the ram I was looking at the trident z rgb 2x8gb c16 3200 on Amazon for around £164. It's currently oos and I know it has some stability issues with ryzen so I'll only get 2933mhz but I think that's adequate and can't find anything better for the price.

I know there were a couple 1070 for £350 during Black Friday. Asus dual oc 1070, zotac mini 1070, msi armor oc 1070, palit geforce dual 1070. Hoping one of them gets reduced again for Christmas. Any suggestions on which one/ possible alternatives?

I'm also going to need a minitor, mouse and keyboard. Thanks.
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