Help building my 1st PC....

    About to build my 1st pc.....just wondering whether you think I should buy an antistatic wrist strap??? Specs are

    i5 750
    Gigabyte UD-22 Mobo
    Gelid Tranquillo CPU Cooler
    G.Skill Ripjaw 4gb (2x2gb) 12000 1600mhz
    PSU OCZ Modxsteam 500w
    Antec 300 case


    I'm building my first PC soon as well. From what I've heard it's worth buying an antistatic wrist strap because they only cost a few quid, and without one you could potentially damage components which would end up costing much more to replace.

    I'm going for the same case btw.

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    Thats what I have been reading as well....and yeah the case is prob the best value case i can find! Really well built as well

    Someone will come along and rip me to pieces after reading this, but I have been building PC's (both in a business sense - I used to work for a few mail order companies) and for friends and family for erm...well £15 years or so now, and have NEVER worn an anti static wrist strap. ALl you need to do is to touch the casing before you dive in with your hands and the static will vanish from your body

    Of course it helps if you dont seem to hold much static (like me) but then again I can never remember anyone I worked with actually wearing one either, and nothing ever come of it.


    not sure why you've posted your hardware specs while asking about an antistatic wrist strap


    I wouldn't bother with a stupid strap either, I never have done, just go … I wouldn't bother with a stupid strap either, I never have done, just go touch a radiator before hand.

    +1 on holding a radiator. Holding for about 5 seconds just before you start is all you need to do. Touching the casing does nothing at all to remove static unless you have the case plugged into the mains, in which case the static will dispel via the earth connection.

    Been working as a tech engineer building pcs now for 25 odd years - never used an anti static band. Always told to use one at college when studying for my degree... but the irony was they never supplied them lol.

    Discharge yourself before hand ;-)

    Well I have a mate who has been building for all his life and has never used one.

    We have earth here so if you discharge shouldn't be a problem, but I'm sure I killed my RAM with static so I bought one when then new set came in.

    They are like £3, buy one, they do them in local shops sometimes too.

    It may not cause an "explosion" but static can damage sensitive components, I have worked for companies where it was a disciplinary for not wearing one.
    Keep components in the anti-stat bags until ready for installation and slide them out into position where possible. I always keep the mains lead plugged in (turned off of course) to supply a good earth whilst working.
    Its okay people saying dont bother but they will not be replacing memory when you keep getting errors.
    Good luck.


    Never used one either.


    I've been deliberately trying to kill my ram before and have rubbed it on … I've been deliberately trying to kill my ram before and have rubbed it on a carpet for 10 mins, I've rubbed a balloon against it, I've got the sparker from an electric lighter and sparked it against the memory chips and all the connector pins, I've done it in the ram and usb slots, on the heatsink with the PC running, it was all fine and didn't even blink, the ram is still working 18 months on. MAybe I was lucky but it's a lot less sensitive than people make out.

    Depends what RAM it is.

    Some components are pretty impossible to get hurt by it, but others the slightest static and you're screwed.

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