Help building the best gaming machine for £500-£700

    My brother has come to me and asked me to build him a new pc, one that he wants to use for gaming.

    Unfortunately I have put all my attention towards my own HTPC build of late and therefore have little idea where to start.

    He already has a good monitor and I will hopefully use the Antec Sonata II case as I have heard good things about it. I would also prefer to build it around an AMD processor.

    Could someone give me some suggestions for his machine, baring in mind his budget of £500-£700?

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hi i found this great deal on ram in the hot deals forum…124

    MAY be cheaper to buy a unit from a high street an upgrade ??

    Buy the parts from ebuyer or aria, seperately, using Google-Checkout each time. Sonata is nice choice :thumbsup:
    The ram above is also good choice. I'd look at the 500Gb seagate hdd, get a black DVD-rw and then it just m\b and graphics to play with. Intel may well be a better value-for-money choice in your budget as Core2Duo can be had for under £65, but if you want AMD I'd recommend the following:

    Graphics: GeForce 8800 GTS - 320Mb Card (£160 delivered,…114)
    Mo'board: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe (£61 delivered,…974)
    CPU: Either X2 4600 (£66 delivered,…292)
    or X2 5600 (£104 delivered,…915)

    NB haven't checked these are the lowest prices about but they will likely be competitive...

    jah128's recommendation are almost everything that u need
    can just use the heatsink supplied from amd if you are not doing any extra overclocking

    Just to make it clear, as it is a gaming system you are after the graphics card is certainly the most important purchase, and you want to find balanced components to match it - the motherboard above allows the possible option of upgrading to SLI-dual graphics if that was found wanting, but I think the 8800 GTS probably represents the best value purchase at the moment for both current and future (DX10) games. It's definately worth considering Core2 as it certainly has the high-end crown at the moment, although the chips mentioned above are still competitive (although generally slightly slower) than their C2 equivalents price wise (X2 4600 - C2 4300 and X2 5600 - C2 6320\6420), and you pay a bit more for Intel motherboards. Also, whilst X2 fan is adequate spending a little on a hs\fan combo like the Artic Freezer (or better) is probably money well spent, particularly as you are building in a very quiet case.

    You really want the Geforce 8800 640MB around £400 if your a serious gamer and want the best visual display with that I would put a 22" Monitor with that.

    this used to be me every 12-18 months, on building the new perfect gaming rig hehe

    this time round i cheated... i picked up a xbox 360 . with a vga adaptor to play in HD on my monitor, a little KVM switchbox to switch between the pc and xbox. and i built a p3 933 512mb ram for about £150, which is now running linux. can't say i regret the decision one bit and nor does my wallet

    The 8800 640mb is two and a half times the price of the 320mb GTS and will bring the total way over budget? You could run a pair of 320mb in SLI for less. Hardly seems the best value for money to me, unless you are planning on using a very high res (24"+) monitor...
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