Help buying a digital camera


    a been lookin to buy a digital camera and just wanted to know wots the diffrence between the Sony Dsc w55 and Sony dsc w80 and lookin to buy it in pink and if anyone could recommend which one is better



    If you go to the Sony website you can do a compare between the two cameras.

    I have had a quick look and there does indeed seem very little differance

    Click here as I have already set up the compare for you:…W55

    One camera is better in some areas, the other camera better in other areas. Seems so little difference not sure I can say which one is best.

    Here's a review of each ]Sony W55 and ]Sony W80.

    The W55 scores 1 point higher in the review and looks to be cheaper(about £20),although there is not much in it still.Whether the price is different for pink I dunno,will have to check..................

    Both are available in pink at around £120 for w55 and £130 for w80

    I have bought two cameras and a printer in the past 6 months and I find this site useful for reviews.

    Happy snapping.
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