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Found 9th Mar 2008
I,m looking for a single bed for my 3 year old, it has to be sturdy but cheap. I think argos are a bit rubbish for beds, so can anyone recommend an online store that sells good quality cheap beds? Just googled 'single beds' but not heard of many of the sites so any help would be appreciated!

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Do you want to list some of the sites that came up and then if anyone knows that they are particularly good or bad they can tell you. Just a suggestion:roll:


what do you class as cheap?

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Something at just under or over £100 would be ideal, not to keen on metal bedsteads they sort of remind me of prison beds!


i went instore to rosebys and brough my sons for £100, then thought i would pay a little more so went for the £150 one and to be honest it isn't much cop, so would deffo say try going instore and looking around, although at least with internet buy you can return under thedistance selling act

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Roseby's near me has been taken over by halfords, just went on tesco website and they are even worse than the Argos ones!
Looks like I'll have to brave the elements and get myself out and about!!!

What quality are the beds in ikea, im assuming not brilliant but just wondered as the prices are good

got a midi single bed for my son from bedz r us a couple of years ago... I had no problems at all.

a mate of mine found a free bed (almost all screws on) on freecycle.

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Got some nice kids beds on bedz r us, thanks for that!

The bed shop here…tml

If you order a mattress as well at the checkout enter the code mattress and get £20 off.

My daughter has the small single of this one and its great. Easy to move when cleaning and comfi too.

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Thanks for that will have a browse on their site!

my daughters got the single bed from ikea that pulls out to make 2. its fab quality and will last her years- it was expensive though-about£250. one thing with ikea beds is that you need to buy the matress from there too-they are slightly different from standard sizes.

i bought my son a Stompa midi sleeper from adtrader a few years ago now - Very strong and was about £50 - new they are about £250 I think! Bought a new matress but the cant see any problem with a second hand bed especially as this one is solid wood

My 3year old son has got an extendable bed from Ikea, similar to this…510
The mattress comes in 3 parts so you can pull the bed out longer and add in another piece of mattress as they get older - take a look.

They have got a lovely metal girls one in this size on Ikea - all pretty and swirly so don't rule out a metal one yet.…959 and select the white colour.
I wanted that one for my daughter but bought this one brand new from eBay with brand new mattress for 35.00!…082 Also has a removable guard rail. This one looks lovely in my daughter's room, she is the size of a 7 year old and it is still fine for her - wouldn't want to dominate her room with a single size bed yet.

All of these frames go quite cheap on eBay so it's worth looking over there.

Wherever you buy from, I wouldn't suggest that you buy a standard sized single bed as it will be huge for her and take up too much playing space which is more useful for your little one at her age.

Hope this info helps


What quality are the beds in ikea, im assuming not brilliant but just … What quality are the beds in ikea, im assuming not brilliant but just wondered as the prices are good

I would buy Ikea everytime if it wasn't so far away. Quality has always been fantastic and the prices make it even better.
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