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Found 1st Nov 2017
With the release of the Xbox One X I’m in the market for a 4K tv that will do for Normal tv watching and 4K gaming. I’m currently looking at the LG Oled 55C7 (but I’ve read reports of screen burn) or the Sony 55xe8396b or the Samsung 55mu6470. Just feeling overwhelmed by it all and would welcome any advice.
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The LG is a country mile better than the other two listed due to them being about £800.

These two are a decent amount better…737…563

Probably better in a well lit room than the OLED, but not as impressive.
Got the lg c7 55, played stardew valley for over 70hrs, no screen burn. It's perfect. An amazing piece of kit! Looking forward to getting the Xbox One x for 4k goodness next week.
I'm currently keeping an eye on the Sony x900e. Hopefully waiting for black Friday pays off.

Have a check of, plenty of reviews for different price points.
The XE93 would be the main LCD contender to the B7 & C7 OLEDs in 55", although the XE90 and Q7 are a good choices a step down. Possibly the Q6 as well, but I haven't seen any reviews on that one yet.

The MU6400 and XE80 don't come close in terms of HDR support.
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