help buying first car

    hi guys i was wondering what i should get for my first car. I was thinking buy an old astra or golf for a couple of grand. Is that my best option or do you think i should just go all out and get a new one on finance?

    thanks in advance


    are you a new driver? if so i wouldnt get a golf or a brand new car as your insurance will be huge

    2k Yaris

    Get an old one. You are sure to scrape the bumper e.t.c at some point. We have all done it when we are starting out.

    Golfs hold their value very well, but I am sure you can get a decent Mk3 or Mk4 for that money. As always the VAG diesel engines are bullet proof although not the most refined or exciting.

    Best advice I got when buying a first car is don't rush! I looked at loads before I finally found one, it was worth the wait because it was an amazing car for the money. It was a Fiat Punto, about 7 years old but it had only done about 30k, and it was in tip top condition!

    I drove that for just over a year, then some nice lady decided she wanted to drive into me and write it off. Now I have a new Beemer. I'm glad I didn't get a new car first, I had a couple of minor dings in my Punto, so it was a great car to build up some experience in! My little brother drives a Polo, they're also a very good first car.

    If you are buying cheap then look at cost of parts too

    if new dont get new, i went ford focus for first car paid 3k

    i got a first car for £50 it was a 89 nissan micra, in great condition kept it for 2 years never had a problem with it!also had only done 35.000 miles on it!first cars are meant to be bottom of the barrel lol in case you bump it, anyway my point is you can get decent cars without spending a fortune!good luck

    Dont buy a new car on finance for your first car,as soon as you drive it out of the showroom its lost a few grand in depreciation,add that too the extra finance costs in the first place + insurance and its not worth it. for a new driver

    buying a small vauxhall or ford would be good as they will be cheap to run as long as you find a decently maintained example.use it for a couple of years,bulid up your no claims bonus(hopefully) and then look too move on too something better:)

    I got Fiat Punto, great little car, cheap to buy and cheap to run both for insurance and petrol.

    Im selling my car at the moment, I dont know where you are but if your not near me I recommend you buy a suzuki ignis If u are near me then I recommend u buy mine hehe.... Honestly they are great for first cars, really easy to drive, good on petrol and very reliable. Dont go for too big an engine or it will cost a fortune on insurance. Ur better getting something maybe about a 2003/2004 model so u dont feel paranoid about anything happening to it if its a newer car. get something with low millage. If its done over 60K then preferably get a car thats had a timing belt change if not change it as soon as u buy it (or buy an ignis as they have chains rather than belts and u dont need to change them )

    Good choice ..............the Astra , that is . Cheap insurance , cheap to run and maintain .Servicing can be done by yourself ,saving money .
    I've owned the AstraMKI[diesel], AstraMkII [petrol,estate],AstraMkIII[diesel,estate] and now have a Vectra 2.0DI and Zaffy 1.6 . Things like brake pads , shoes , even disks can be bought cheaply at your motor factors , oil changes are a doddle too . When buying a car nowadays , these are the things you have to take into consideration ...............running costs and servicing bills . Garage bills are not cheap .
    Good luck with your purchase .
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