Found 28th Oct 2008
I'm buying my 6 year old a laptop for christmas, because of his age i dont want to buy an expensive one i just need one wich can access the internet wirlessly and that can play dvd's, does anybody have any suggestions on which to buy him or no of any laptops on a good offer at the moment, Also anybody have any for sale please let me no, thanks in advance.
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I'm just glad someone has the sense to buy their child a REAL laptop. All these pathetic childrens versions of technology are just toys - if you give children their own camera, laptop etc and teach them that it's something to treasure then I think they will. Saying that a new VAIO is not the way forward!

Either a netbook or get something from eBay...
whats your budget?
i keep saying it but Dixons refurbs-have a look?

whats your budget?

around £200 if possible
you looking for a XP, vista or linux based system?
the elonex is what you want...
I have seen on the net there are special laptops for children for only £100. you may have to google it because i can't remember who makes them. they come in loads of colour sthough. specially designed for kids.

you looking for a XP, vista or linux based system?

not sure, any?

the elonex is what you want...

whats that, any more info?
that'll be e the one bazzaric! the elonex, i', sure theres also another one???
morning folks,
I was looking on the ToysRus site and saw the ASUS is back on Monday for about £140
not sure you are going to get one with a dvd drive built in for 200 quids

doesnt look like you can play dvds on it, good find though

doesnt look like you can play dvds on it, good find though

If you have a desktop you could rip them and setup a share on the laptop?
i was going to suggest an EEEPC

one ]here on ebay, currently £156, number 130263935401
]here, part way down for as little as £108.09
]here from £156.48

obviously I cannot vouch for the shops themselves, but i've had one in the past and they're wicked!…Yes

they update regularly-if you just want cheap maybe its worth looking? i dont understand specs so maybe someone could check it out who does? i got a dual core for £240
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