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    At the moment in the house we have a Linksts WRT5G which to be fair is driving me mad, as ive just recently moved into my moms, she gave me a wireless linksys card and I installed etc, Ive been having problems ever since, xbox live will not work with it, and my connection always cuts off and its impossible to download anything because it just cuts you off halfway through, Ive been looking at alternatives as I want it to be compatiable with xbox live etc and need a good connection due to my university course.
    I've been looking at this one…069

    Would this be anyone and is it compatiable with xbox live because I cant find out and could anyone suggest any other alternatives either in the same price range or cheaper if possible.

    Hope you guys can help and thanks in advance


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    Also need to be a Gateway just to let you know

    Can't you just change firmware on WRT54G? I have WRT54GS and it is one of the best routers I ever had.

    The Belkin one is ADSL modem-router, while your WRT54G got no modem at all. Who is your broadband supplier (ADSL or cable)?

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    Sorry my mom gave me the wrong info, The Gateway is a Wireless-G Wag54g, ive upgraded the firmware etc but im just constantly having problems, Ive tried everything to get my xbox 360 online and as I said the internet cuts off every couple of minutes and every though the laptop conects everytime, my pc just does will not connect some of the time, Im on the laptop at the moment because of the problem so I just looking for a good solution, I believe my step-dad is with tiscali. But the product I buy has to be a gateway.

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    Anyone who could possibly help its much appreciated

    Netgear DG834G looks OK. Or Zoom x6.

    Can't go wrong with Zyxel: ]http//ww…521

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    it seems good but dosent seem very compatiable with the xbox 360, could you possible recommend any other gateways in that price range.

    Can you describe 'compatible to Xbox360' bit? I mean, specific requirements?

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    Basically I need a gateway that can connect to my xbox 360 via an ethernet cable and actually connect and not fail when trying to get an IP address because its not compatiable like the problems I've had with the linksys WAG54G, and also one that works though quick thick walls but all are on the same floor.

    Do you mean, your existing router didn't issue IP address to Xbox360? Is that all?
    Have you tried to make it static IP?

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    Ive tried everything, ive gone on the xbox forums and done everything that everyone has suggested and have found that the gateway is not compatiable with the xbox live, apparantly some have xbox live stickers on, but ive never seen one to be honest, im just looking for something to get me on xbox live and to get a more secure internet connection that dosent disconnect all the time.

    Honestly, I think that any router should do the job (including your existing one, unless faulty), but as I don't have Xbox360, I can't prove it, sorry.


    it seems good but dosent seem very compatiable with the xbox 360, could … it seems good but dosent seem very compatiable with the xbox 360, could you possible recommend any other gateways in that price range.

    The Zyxel is fully compatible with xbox live, you just have to make sure uPNP is active and it sorts out the configuration for you.

    Tbh most routers will be fine though, it's not something companies shout about unless they want to pay M$ for the privilege of using the xbox name. Any router you're looking at just Google the model along with xbox live (e.g. "Zyxel Prestige 660HW xbox live") to find out if it works or not. It's only much older models that tend to have troubles though.

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    ok thanks for the info
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