Help buying new Orange Mobile Phone


    My Parents are thinking of getting a new Mobile phone. They have a Nokia 3330 still, and they have no idea what tarrif they are on as they have had it for so long!.

    They are wanting to keep the sim card, and just get a new orange mobile.

    Would it be possible to use the old sim in a new phone, i'm thinking maybe the sim card design may have changed since the phone is about 9 years old? :-p

    They don't use it much, so a cheap phone would do. They can not buy one online as have no credit card and neiter do i. I heard car phone warehouse has cheap unlocked phones?.

    Also when buying a new phone if keeping the sim, is it easy to keep the old number as i heard you have to pay to keep it?.

    Oh and also, whats this racoon, canary tarrif stuff all about!. Thanks and sorry for so many questions :-D


    I replaced an old Orange "pay as you go" phone, at carphone warehouse recently, with the cheapest Samsung phone, only cost £6.95,, no top up required and simly swapped the sim. Hope this helps

    Dialaphone as cheap phones on orange [email protected] best one is Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio [email protected]+£10 top up,thy have Samsung E1120 [email protected]+£10 top up
    you need debit card to order phone from thm, and you get 5% discount if you use sme code, let me knw if u want i will get tht code for u,
    whn u get the phone u can call orange and keep the same number thy just need long sim card number
    have a look at this page,…ge/

    here is 5% discount Code: CERV2974

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]canary, raccoon, camel etc are all sorts of different tariffs that you can choose to get the best price plan that suits you, dial 450 from your orange phone for free to find out what options and price plans are available, it should explain anything you need to know, and that sim u have will work in any unlocked phone or orange phone, the number stays with the sim u have and they are still the same sizes as they were 9 years ago;-) and it wont cost you anything to keep the number and sim. [/COLOR][/SIZE]
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