Help Buying Presents for 1 Year Old Birthday?!

    Hello all!

    My awesome lil nephew is already now 1 year old this coming week and I'm still stuck on what to buy him! So I'm hoping I could get some help from you guys on here on what I could buy, and what deals are around that may be suitable.

    I wanted to get him a VTech walker or similar as he is starting to walk on his own, but he's already got something like this, so that's no longer an option!

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance!



    Last 2 first birthdays we have got them a rocker, perfect age for it. Got a coiled snake (lol but cute and colourful!!!) one from boots I think 3 years ago and then last year a mamas and papas one from argos.

    Lucky enough to get really good deals on them both! Did mean buying in advance and storing for a few months though :P not so great!

    how about any of these

    there selling similar rockers at asda instore and online, there really cute and £20. i got my 1year old neice elmo live and she loved it.

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    We bought my daughter who was 1 on sat a smart trike, she loves it, elc happyland bits, (lots on offer at the mo, the pirate ship is great), fisher price little people farm and ark, duplo etc

    My son was 1, 2 weeks ago... theres loads of options..

    Here are a couple of options.
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    Not sure what price range you are looking at but my son loves this. he is now two but got it for his first birthday.…spx

    After attending a rellies 1yr old party the other week, the present that impressed the kid the most and got the most use that day, was the big cardboard box that one of the toys came in.

    They've got some toy story ride ons in asda, half price £15, Id recconmend the fisher price train above too its fab!!

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    Thanks all for your input! Really appreciate it! I've just been showing the family this thread and we've now got a lot more clear options.

    Will report back with what we got!

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    Just wanted to update everyone on this.

    I ended up getting him a cool Fisher Price tool centre thingamajig which was fantastic and lots of these chunky cars/vehicles that are quite soft to touch.

    I also got him a mini quad bike for Christmas!

    Thanks to everyone for all your suggestions, hugely appreciated. Will keep checking back at the suggestions made in case i need to buy for a 1 year old or similar again.
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