Help buying PS4 please! 2015 edition - is this ok?

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Looking at getting a PS4 then VR. I have seen this -

"Sony PS4 Cons. 500 (GB) Ed Jet Black
" from a legit seller (of course!) and it's new.

Not knowing anything about consoles - the only thing that is putting me off is the "2015" version mark. Should this matter? I can get it for £162.

Thanks for any advice
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Wait to see what deals Amazon come up with today. PS4s new can often be had for £200 with a game thrown in.
Yep I was thinking that Wadda but I would rather save, say, £40 and not have the game if something is on offer for £200 in the Prime Day sales. My concern was more if the 2015 edition is any different to the current ones.
Had mine since launch with zero issues so I personally wouldn't be concerned about a 2015 model.

Saying that any console can develop a fault if you're unlucky.
Thanks Byno
Thanks jco83 - not sure what I'm looking at there and why but thanks anyway!
Hell no, don't get it.

I bought an older one before my newer "slim", and I had the blinking light of death. The console wouldnt turn on until I hard booted it every time, and it would randomly switch off midway through a game, or film on Netflix.

Honestly, spend more money for peace of mind and peace in gaming.
If you can get it for a bit less, say £140 then I'd say yes. It will work the same as the rest once the firmware has upgraded itself. If not spend a bit extra on a quieter slim version. Bear in mind that the VR works better with a Pro
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