Help - can I turn the Beta off on hotmail?

Found 24th Apr
Today I went on to log onto hotmail from yesterday and the whole look has changed, cannot even find my folders - absolutely can't work this - does anyone know how to change this back to normal look? Any idea what I have done? Is it a beta I can turn off? Thank you.
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There should be a button/switch on the top right that's how I did it. It should say "switch off beta". Good luck
No it is not there. Can anyone talk me through where this might be? Thanks
The Beta version is not an improvement, luckily I had the switch as described above. Does anyone find the web based Hotmail/Outlook very slow these days. I was thinking of going over to someone else.
Not that it helps but over last few days there is an increase of complains. I’m sure Microsoft will announce the change. Apparently there is no switch.…ack

Good luck.
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