Help! Can someone please explain 3 Phase Electrical circuits in a simple way

    As the title suggests...

    I've just started a new job, I'm mechanically and electrically trained, However, not in 3 phase!

    But, my new boss has decided that the qualifications must make me master of the electrical universe...

    I tried Wikipedia and it's scary! (try it if you don't believe me).

    So, please, please, any simple explanation would be brilliant...



    ;-)Hope this helps

    Original Poster


    ;-)Hope this helps

    Thanks Skusey...

    It's more the practical rather than theoretical that I'm stuck on.

    But I'll keep you in mind if I need to work out any really, really long equations whilst watching count-down ;-)

    Well, 3 phases (now Brown, Black and Grey) means that you have 400 volts supply instead of 230 v, there are many uses, mainly industrial sites etc for use in pumps and heavy machines.

    On a domestic side you will find that all the houses in a street are on a certain phase, so as to keep the load balanced, that is why a whole street will go out if there is a power failure but not the next, they are on different phases.

    For a more specific anwser please give a little more information on your exact circumstances, thanks,


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    Thanks Choc1969, I've printed that off and I'll have something to read come bedtime.. looks the ticket

    Mike, the situation is...

    I left the forces with an ONC in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering. All my electrical experience is with fault finding on small stuff i.e. launchers etc. and domestic stuff...

    Now my new boss thinks I can go straight onto 3 Phase on compressors etc in factories. So, I'm going to try a quick learn and find out as I go...

    So, any help or suggestions (polite ones please) would be gratefully recieved
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