HELP!! can someone please give me some info on xbox live points & subscription ??? i am an xbox idiot!

    I have purchased 360 (60gb) for xmas present for the other half, and a little bit of a wolly when it comes to these things.


    i can see the other half using the live thing but not day and night, more couple of times per month

    are points and subscriptions for the same purpose?
    have seen recent deal 2 x 2100 points £30 or 1yr gold memebership £39
    what does for example 2100 points buy you

    can anyone please help? even a link where i ca get some info - all googling just goes to sale items.

    its taken me ages just to work out the difference between consoles, then they threw this new harddrive thing in which just complicated it for me. but think i am done with that.

    PS anyone know regarding guarantee? purchased off amazon but no info stating how long under guarantee for nor did xbox webiste itself.



    points can buy anything from gamer pics and arcade retro games to hd films , music and downloadable content for games like new maps for certain games

    someone will post a site soon that you can buy a cheap gold sub from

    Warranty for the xbox is normally 1 year however its three years if you get a fault where it displays 3 red lights. So if your disk drive breaks after 2 years you are not covered but if your console develops 3 red lights after 2 years you are....

    Points are for purhasing things like extra maps, additional weapons etc

    Live membership enables you to play against other players online. There are different levels of live membership. Silver (which is free) lets you browse but not play games against others (which needs Gold membership)

    Jasper is probably the cheapest reliable site for purchasing xbox live membership.....DON'T sign up directly with Microsoft and pay monthly by credit card - its more expensive.…tml

    I think someone posted a uk site for codes recently....

    Original Poster

    cheers for that.

    ok so just to clarify

    points and gold are not the same.

    1yr subscription allows you to go live and fight your mates and other peeps.
    the points card allows you to go on and buy weapons so you can beat them up better or for the moe gentled of people download music, pics etc

    in which case it best to grab both if seen at good prices.

    and warranty is 1yr unless red light comes on 3times which is then three yrs. Was reading something about this on the guardian - regarding early 360 releases, would they not have resolved all the probs by now ?

    anyways so if my 1yr waranty expires and a yr later red light comes on i can legit take it back to microsoft who will accept responsibility for it until the 3yr past purchase date.

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    just looked under the website you recommended 'jasper' is definately cheaper by £10 - good find, many thanks

    I think you've got most of it :thumbsup:

    MS extended the warranty from 1 year to 3 years for 3 red lights (it has to be three). However no-one knows how long they will continue to honour this......

    The Jasper site will send email a code (usually within a day) which you type into your xbox live account. If it is an xmas present I would give it another couple of weeks incase an alternative good deal pops up.

    I wouldn't worry too much about buying points at this stage as he'll be able to go on line and play on xbox live with the gold membership.

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    brilliant - all questions answered and feel like i have a reasonable idea now to go and make an informed decision.

    hey never no - come xmas may even be able to hold a 10sec conversation regarding xbox with the other half and impress him with my new found wisdom - thats obviously before he asks me something technical. LOL

    seriously though, many thanks for your help, thats been great and shall take your advice regarding waiting a couple of weeks before getting a gold membership.

    Thanks Very Much

    I wouldn't bother with MS points unless you see something you really feel like getting.
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