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    Hey all,

    Hope someone can help! My sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was 15. She was successfully treated with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, and is now in remission. These treatments have left her with terrible teeth and has already had one of her front ones removed. As she is now 19, she is required to pay for dental treatment. She needs so much work done, she simply cannot afford to do so as she is still a student. I was wondering if there is any organisations which she could apply for help towards the cost of the treatment? She didn't get any money from anyone when she was ill. Any information people have would be great! I have emailed Macmillan Cancer Support but it takes 2 working days for a response. xxx Claire Thomson


    Hey there

    I work at a cancer hospital and the Macmillan Cancer Support is excellent they know anything and everything about benefits etc. Your best off going to one of the centres and ask to speak to someone.

    If your sister is on a low income she should ring the dwp and get a form, go on [url][/url] then click on the health section on the left.My daughter works part time and gets a letter which entitles her to free dental and prescriptions, it is really worth struggling with the paperwork.

    Due to a long term Illness Iv'e been using steroids now for over 20 years. One by one my teeth started falling out due directly to steroid use. My specialist reffered me to a very good Dentician at Birmingham Dental Hospital. Obviously NHS but I had loads of work done over a period of about 10 years & ultimately ended up with false teeth which must have run into thousands of pounds, but I didn't have to pay a penny. I would think your sister would be able to get help as long as she does'nt mind NHS.
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