help!!! cannot sleep

ok so my bumps wriggling like mad and i cant get to sleep, any1 got any advice???


put bbc news channel on telly.knocks me out most nights! hope it works for you

**** the BBC, put on some podcast that is entertaining, either on your comp, stereo or MP3 player, whatever. Much more interesting to listen to and more likely to soothe you and send you to sleep.

Better that than Goebbels on the Beeb.

why you would want to listen to something interesting when you are trying to sleep is beyond me.all i know is what works for me.

Original Poster

trying to watch something borint at the mo, aint having the desired effect though!!

my bump gets hypo when i go to bed too,its painful @ times

i cant go sleep as ive eaten too much i feel im gonna explode


i cant go sleep as ive eaten too much i feel im gonna explode

go to the toilet :-D


go to the toilet :-D

i tried no joy maybe some ex-lax might help

I try and figure out which side her back is on, then put a pillow underneath my bump on that side so she has something to lie on, it usually calms her down and she goes to sleep.


surely u must be asleep by now....

hehe...hope u managed to get some sleep. 10 weeks to go!!
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