** Help ** Can't get rid of this pop up.

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Found 11th Jan 2013
This pop up ( orange coupon ) keeps showing and i don't seem to get rid of it ......Any ideas please.
Thanks, as its very annoying !!

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Click the x in the top right


Click the x in the top right

...of your web browser application

You have malware.

Mine I had to redownload Firefox.


You probably didn't have to, but it was the quickest solution.

Yes you are right


Yes you are right

You're would have been quicker.

Also have this problem.
Coupons for ... comes up in the bottom right hand corner and when I scroll over it it disappears, also random words all over the website (for example right now fanpages comment ''of your web browser application'' - application is highlighted and underlined blue and when I rollover it it says ''Life insurance in a click, no fee no obligation'' and stuff like that comes up all the time. I have no idea what It is but it happens on chrome and internet explorer and Im starting to get a little worried so would appreciate it if anyone can help get rid of it!
Read something about registry files on yahoo answers but I have no idea about this

Apart from using a decent av, suggest you get malwarebytes and run a scan with that.
Also stop visiting dodgy sites, turn off java and use a decent ad blocker in your browser.
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Thanks for the replies tried ~ Malware, MSE and spotbot.......still there.....stubborn little pop up .....:(
Anymore ideas ??

Boot into safe mode and run mwb from there.

What browser are you using?
Have you installed any "free" software lately? Any software at all?
Check installed programs in add/remove and look for any unusual stuff, ie. I don't remember that?
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