Help, can't run rear dash cam through rubber boot conduit, is it necessary?

Posted 16th Jan 2023 (Posted 16 h, 29 m ago)
I've tried running the rear dash cam cable through the rubber conduit on my boot door, but there isn't enough room, is it necessary? Thank you.
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    Can you not pull off the rubber seal and poke the cable between the roof and head lining. (edited)
    That's what I had to do in the end, it looks an eyesore and not as flush as I'd like it but now I have a new issue. I need a short cable go in between the long cable and the rear dash cam cable so I can't see the connections in my rear view mirror, if you know what I mean, I can see the two connections just poking out of my headliner, and would like to tuck them further in.
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    Take it out and you'll soon find out
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    Do you have a photo of where you're trying to route it through.
    I had it pulled through eventually only to realise it had nowhere else to go as my boot door is all metal unlike other boot doors I watched on YouTube who had headliners and plastic mouldings covering the holes to the window. You can see it had nowhere to go by looking at where I've circled it.
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